Haulage & Trucking

Haulage & Trucking

Our services are tailored to meet your needs through the availability of a wide range of trucks for immediate pick up & delivery for your shipments throughout Peninsular Malaysia. We also dedicate our trucks to our customers for distribution.

We have a team of professionals who are always ready to assist & provide quick, innovative solutions for your trucking requirements.

Services Provided



Haulage trucks (bonded and non-bonded)





Prime Movers

20ft Trailers

40ft Trailers

Side Loaders

Low Loaders

Full Box Trucks

Curtain Cargo Trucks

Open Cargo Trucks

8 ton Trucks

5ton Trucks


Trucking and haulage services

Monitoring import and export movements

Mobilization of prime movers / container trailer from one destination to another



  Multi-copies Delivery Order or Consignment Notes

Security Escort

  Available upon instruction or request


  Experienced drivers with good driving records

  All drivers are equipped with mobile phones 

We provide Low-Loader for the over-sized cargo